Audio Recording

I love stories of superheroes

As a child I would imagine I could fly
I could leap from the couch
Stay suspended in the air
And like water be propelled upwards

I travelled above the world, my world
Looking down, seeing for miles

My hands were filled with power
I was a great conductor
Commanding the wind and the rain
Moving objects with just a thought

From my fingertips
I could freeze the ground beneath me
Turn valleys into lakes
Bring light to the darkest spaces

I was invincible

A cape wrapped round my neck
I would scale the mountain of the stairs
Leap from couch to chair avoiding the fiery lava beneath
Escaping from villains and rescuing friends

The stories I read of mythical creatures and marvel heroes
Were not just their stories, they were my stories
And they lit a fire to my imagination

The stories often began with this unwieldy power
That could not be fully controlled
That escaped from every mold

Power that was released at the wrong moments
That was too strong or too weak
That felt like more of a curse than a blessing

But slowly, the power became known
The feel of it, the weight of it
What it could do
How it could be used

That’s when the fun began

Released from the training rooms and distant school houses
They struck out into the world
Protecting the innocent, capturing villains
Always escaping at the last moment from certain destruction

With great power, comes great responsibility

A responsibility that wreaked havoc in the lives of our heroes
In the lives of their loved ones, their friends, family and true love

They protected them with secrets
With masks and late night missions
Believing if they did not know, they would not get hurt

But these secrets rarely held
Identities exposed
Trust broken
Loved ones captured

Their greatest weakness brought to light and used against them

But our heroes walked into this fear, facing their enemies
Knowing full well what was at risk

And they won. They always won.

Reunited with their loved ones
Free from the secrets
Safe from their enemies

I love stories of superheroes

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