Face to Face

Among my many thoughts a question kept arising
How can there be just one way to follow
When prejudice, judgment and segregation can all but swallow
Any ounce of truth that was once there?

How can a God whose mercy and compassion knows no end
Decide this is the way he will befriend
A child, a mother, a husband, a daughter
A son, an elder, a sinner, a saint?

For wars were raged against those who did not submit
Force was taken up as grace was dismissed
How twisted our understanding of the God made flesh has become
That we would ever think he’d call us to use a gun

How am I to spread the message of hope
When people don’t know Jesus from the Catholic Pope?

And now when people hear the name of Christ
Crusades, Christian ads and cultural genocide flash before them as light

As I wade through this religious and political slander held high as truth
I can’t help but admit I’m not shocked people have turned from the so called “church”
Goodness, I would too if this was truly a reflection of the God I search

Yet riches have been found as I’ve joined others to separate fact from fiction
To seek God no matter where it takes you from the brothels to the cathedrals
For the veil has been torn and God is roaming the streets
And he longs to reveal who he is to you once you’re ready to meet

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