We Need Change

Stress and pain
We are so quick to deny, hide or blame
Stress and pain
Can create quite the mess
When left unaddressed
Stress and pain

There is no denying they remain a part of our day to day
And yet to find the tools on how to cope effectively
Is like searching for water in the emotional desert of our society
We need to change
We need change
We need
It’s part of being a human being
It’s part of living
We need
We need change
We need to change

To hold on to the reigns of stress and pain

You Belong

Verse: G Em C D / Chorus: C D G Em

I have looked into your eyes
Seen the tears you did not cry
When you realized something was missing in your life

It’s hard to quite pin down
The pain brings you to the ground
Your heart aches and you wonder what it will take

You belong nowhere
You belong everywhere
You’re not made to fit in
That’s an impression, not living

Be bold; be creative; be true
Be brave; be resilient; be you

I long to see
The days when I give deeply
For I know in suffering we grow

Though this pain
May not simply go away
My story remains filled with beautiful colours and shapes




Referenced Authors:

Maya Angelou and Brené Brown: https://americanlibrariesmagazine.org/blogs/the-scoop/the-paradox-of-belonging/

Facing Fears in the Light

Note: this is a poem about perceived fear NOT actually dangerous situations 

There are times when the light shines and

Fear can still arise

Its not quite like banishing monsters from underneath a childs bed

There are fears that can stand the light

Yet you can see them now

You are not looking around blind

They have taken shape and form

While you know they cannot create a real storm 

This alarm keeps resounding

Almost pounding 

The illumination is hardly comforting as everyon kept promising 

Nevertheless your own awareness is one remarkable guide

You courageously face your fears even those you thought would simply disappear when light drew near

You lean in, breath deep

With sweat, sheer will power and skill

You know these fears will subside one day at a time

And when, with great effort, they more surely do?

You’ll be able to see more clearly all that is around you

The birds, sun and sky

How you love questions and taking in all you hear, discover and find

Your own unique talents and gifts cherished in your heart and mind

Heck you might even see me

Whose been waiting, listening and encouraging ever so patiently

Who turned on the light while knowing it would take time for your eyes to see through the fears that grew and grew when you could not fully see what was before you

I knew it wouldn’t be easy to do

Still you saw it through

I am so very happy for you 

The Beautiful and Bewildering Butterfly

Close your eyes for a moment
Imagine a butterfly
With wings of incomparably beauty
Yet with such stillness
You wonder why

It stands majestically, yet somehow tragically
This butterfly does not flap it’s wings in the sky
Like the butterflies that float, tumble, weave and rise
No, not this butterfly

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Find Your “Creative Pen” Again

Listen here :

Creativity is the spark that starts new connections
It is how we tell our stories and weave through misdirections
Creativity is not only only about art
It is about those who are courageous of heart
Who boldly depart on explorations loosening the ties of societal expectations
Creativity can be scary as it is not a charted course until we have cleared the path
And still creativity is so much more than that

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Wild Heart

Have you ever been on a journey and didn’t know how long it would take or the daily miles you’d make?

Have you ever been on a journey and didn’t know where were the gentle declines
and steep, steep slopes?

Have you ever been on a journey where you didn’t know how you would exactly get home
Yet kept stepping forward?

Have you ever journeyed through the wilderness on yout own
Experiencing the challenges that come with this kind of lonely growth?
Where movement is not quantifiable and the depth of understanding is invisible
All of this is undoubtedly uncomfortable!

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