Discrimination Can Be Silent


Discrimination can be loud
It can cause our stomachs to knot and our hearts to ache
It can be emotional
We can feel sad, disappointed, fearful and angry all at the same time

Discrimination can cause our world to quake

Discrimination can also be silent
It can be subtle
It can be “polite”
It can be understated

Discrimination moves through insecurities and ignorance
No matter the decibel, discrimination breaks

Discrimination breaks down relationships, communities, countries
Discrimination is rampant in our society
And if we don’t take it seriously
We may unknowingly be part of the problem

To accept is an active process
We need to work for it
We need to educate ourselves every single day

Discrimination is not only the loud, bigoted rants
No, it can be far more subtle than that

So we must work
We must work to see people for who they are
To acknowledge the labels that come to mind and let them fly
To give the people in our lives the chance to speak
And we need to hear them even when it can be uncomfortable

We need to strip down the stories we have of who we think they are
And listen to the intricacies of who they actually are

Underestimating someone because of what you think they may or may not become
Will be discovered eventually
If you find yourself searching for anecdotes to justify your position
You may need to face your own facts

Discrimination affects us all
We need to work to be more accepting, inclusive and aware
It is not the status quo

Discrimination does not just come from strangers
It happens with friendships, neighbours, families, communities
People we trusted yet they didn’t even see what they were doing
Instead, stereotypes and generalizations informed their behaviour

The rallies and protests matter, because discrimination is still here
And I mean here – not out there somewhere
And we have to work to change this

We cannot be silent, nor do we need to shout

We need conversations
Honest, humble conversations that teach us to see someone truly
Discrimination does not just go away
We need to forge a new path and work on it each and every day

Mosaic of You


We filter fact from fiction every single day
We weigh each piece of information to see if it is true
We decide which pieces to hold and which to let fly
This may happen in the blink of an eye

Slow it down to deepen your accuracy
People make comments about us so quickly
Some are said while others are simply read

Be aware of the comments you hold and those you let go
Learn from experiences and your loved ones
Yet do not let them define you

This is an ongoing journey you need to lead
No matter how important the person or event may seem
You decide
You define
You are the narrator of your life

Like patches in a quilt, choose them carefully
They make up the mosaic of you

If you find a patch that tears you down
No matter the context in which it was found
Start ripping the seams
It needs to go
In its place, a new patch can now be sewn

No Matter the Weather

We say so much about what means so little and say too little about what means so much

It’s not a surprise really

It’s easy to speak about what doesn’t matter

We aren’t comnected to it. There is no risk

Words come and go as cars on the road

Speaking about what matters needs more

Courage, vulnerability, trust

Each word is a line from you to me. A line to hold on to or let go, strengthen or weaken, build up or tear down

Yet this is where true belonging is found

Not talking about the weather and keeping it all together

Belonging extends beyond families, cultures or creeds

Belonging is found when we truly listen and speak

When we collectively hold the carefully chosen words in this sacred space

We need to say more about what matters to those who’ve shown up no matter the weather

We need to show up for each other, not only to stand together, but to speak together of the real weather of our lives

This is our time. Don’t hide

Believe in You

Life is unexpected. What’s right may not be as anticipated. Life is a windy road. No matter where you go, there will be highs and lows.

This I know. We all need courage to face our challenging roads. I know it’s true. Life can leave your heart black and blue. Keep believing in you. People believe in you. Believe in you too.

Life has billions of stories. Lift your voice and add to the melodies. It may be dissonant or lose rhyme. Don’t shy away. This is your time.

Renewing Dreams

Dreams can be battered and bruised

Hopes can be dashed and dettered

Goals can be moved off course

The very aspirations that kept you going can be twisted beyond recognition

Do not forget the origin of your dreams even when others have been surreptitiously mean

The origin of your dreams is always you

Of course you may be inspired by what you see

Yet, you are the point of renewal

Full stop.

Do not let others’ mistakes change the courageous steps you will take

Your dreams are beautiful

Your dreams are worth fighting for and caring for

Your dreams can be held with honor and integrity

You do not have to do this on your own

Don’t be swayed by captivating tales nor misplace doubt upon those whose word has not failed

Share your dreams with those who are true and stand by you through and through and through

Your dreams are yours

Keep your head up and eyes trained as you move forth

Your dreams may not appear exactly as you hold dear

They are worth walking through the fear to hear the song only you can sing

Let it ring and ripple and ring

Pause in the joy your dreams bring

I didn’t fall in love. I chose to be in love.

I didn’t fall in love with you

I choose to be in love with you

When I saw you, I didn’t “just know”

Yet when I saw you I thought some day if we showed up for one another again and again

I knew I could know you were the one for me

Love is a journey

In our first meeting, we planted seeds

Tending them mindfully

Our love is not blind

Our eyes are wide, back straight and hands open

Our love is magical in moments and graciously ordinary in others

He is not always on my mind

Nor am I always on his

Yet we think of each other often – mind, body and soul

Our hands are made for holding, yet they too let go

To pursue our interests, talents and our own unique roads

We are two pillars of a bridge connected by the love, trust and experiences we share

Our love did not just appear from thin air

It is not just about the moment we found our pair

Our love is a journey

It builds as we move forward

As we grow together, learn together, discuss together and weather the weather together

No, we are not pop-cultures magical dream

We are real

We have built our relationship from the ground up

Eyes wide, back straight and hands open

Willing to caste away story tale notions and embrace true love with intention and insight.

Recognizing this means embracing the ordinary at times, the domestic and routine. This phase is often long after the last Hollywood scene.

Yet there is something undeniably beautiful in being embraced after a long day by those same gentle and strong arms. To be kissed goodnight and goodmorning night after night

To live a simple, yet deeply meaningful life

This is the kind of love I’m realizing has arrived