Aching for Justice – A Case for Forgiveness

This is a picture of a sapling growing from the dirt. Retrieved from

I read the stories of post-apartheid South Africa with sadness, bewilderment and awe
Forgiveness was the bedrock of rebuilding this nation through Truth and Reconciliation
Cities and towns were filled with those who committed horrendous crimes
And the families who had suffered at their hands

It’s hard to understand

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Earth Day: Spring Days Usher Us On

Picture of purple flowers rising up above the snow. Retrieved from

The sunlight is bright and warm
You don’t just see the sun these days
You feel it

Yet, the ground portrays a different landscape
It is spring, yet the snow remains piled high
Water trickles down to tiny streams
Finding its way out beneath the heavy load

The sun continues to shine
Pulling the snow down to the ground
Then up to the sky
It is a time of transition

I feel the warmth on my face
And the ice radiating through my shoes
It’s hard to travel far as the dirt road has become a puddle for ducks
Who’ve perhaps come a little too soon

I study the environment because I see so many reflections of what I believe to be true
Reflections of the beauty and messiness; and all kinds of innovations for humanity
I study the environment because I want to believe in resilience
Not just with my heart, but with my mind through concrete evidence

The snow will melt and flooding will subside
I’ve seen it every year I’ve been alive
Yet, we need studies that go beyond my own decades
Especially in these times of change

It has been a long winter
Yet, winter is not all the same
There are days when you can play
When the world looks like an animated snow globe

The winter can also be harsh
So cold you only rush from house to car
The outside world is so close yet, far
And it feels like winter will go on forever

Yet, it doesn’t
At least not in this climate

The outside world really has so much to teach us
Interconnectedness, exquisite designs, beauty that has inspired us for all of time
Learning how to think, discover and navigate

I would make an educated guess that the first experiment of even the most famous of scientists began in their childhood days when they were out in nature to play

Happy Earth Day!

May you take a moment to see the beauty and inspiration that surrounds you
The encouragement of the seasons that move you
And the reminder you are an intricate part of our natural world in all you do
Let’s not just sustain our home
Let’s cherish it as the spring days usher us on