Yet to Fall

There are times when it is hard to tell two outcomes apart by how you feel. Is it indigestion or the flu? It can feel the same to you yet the outcomes are quite skewed.

This feeling can spread through you with an impending sense of dread.

Am I going to be sick in bed for weeks? Has my immune system been breached? Or is it just that take-out food I will regret eating for a day or two?

Our emotions and sensations are filled with information. The challenge is to use this wisely through proper interpretation.

We all tell stories based on what we know. We have filters adjusted by all we’ve been through.

If you have recently recovered from the flu, take stock of all the evidence before you. It may be just a mild cold or a meal that doesn’t sit right with you.

You may not be heading back to bed at all. So try not to brace yourself too strongly when you have yet to fall.

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