Not Meant For Normal

Picture of a woman dancing in the rain from

I don’t think I was ever meant for “normal”

The nine to five or sea of ties
I tried it on for size, yet I did not like it’s fit
I struggled with this
So I started my own business

I was not meant for “normal”

I didn’t need encouragement to be creative

When my fingers met the keys
I would write or compose with ease
The ideas would crystalize and fly
If asked to explain the how
It would take more time than when I could simply write

Getting to this stage of creativity was not spontaneous
There are far too many constraints we grow up with
I needed the courage to stand out
The fortitude to face doubts
And the willpower to embrace my own eccentricities

“Normal” has an incredible pull

It’s seen all over your Facebook newsfeed
Manicured photos with just the right themes at just the right stages

Yet, I was not meant for “normal”
And when I stop fighting this
I realize the joy of the outlier

The love of genuine connections
The relief of not hiding your beliefs
The power to make a real difference

There is a push on both sides towards average
And there are times when it is fantastic to be average
The times when it is a true reflection of you
Yet this does not happen in all places
None of us were meant to be “normal” in all spaces

So maybe just maybe we can be outliers together

Eccentric, weird, strange yet connected amidst the everchanging weather
Not the same. Not replicated.

Unique and accepted.

We are inherently creative people when released from the pull of “normal”
Yet, we each need to decide to let go of the status quo
Put our hands on the keys
And see where it goes

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