What does this have to with Kindness?

We need love and kindness to shine brightly in our nights and days
Yet, there is a trend that uses these words in a skewed way

They are used during times when people are facing such difficulty
Yet their trials are not recognized
Instead, they are met with the words “be kind to yourself”
I imagine I’m not the only one to think

What does this have to do with my kindness?

Sometimes the world is unkind
Yes, we need to cherish our own kindness amidst cruelty
Yet the challenge should not be skewed
It does not all fall on me or you

Of course, we all need to be kind to each other and ourselves
Yet, when the storms and trials are not recognized
This phrase is anything but kind

It was not a lack of our own kindness that started the storm
Yes, it can help us through
Yet, I repeat this challenge is not all on me or you

People who are deeply kind and loving still face trials and tragedy
So yes, be kind
Yet, investigate whether these catchphrases are truly what you had in mind
Or if they inadvertently weigh someone down who’s already having a hard time

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