Mosaic of You


We filter fact from fiction every single day
We weigh each piece of information to see if it is true
We decide which pieces to hold and which to let fly
This may happen in the blink of an eye

Slow it down to deepen your accuracy
People make comments about us so quickly
Some are said while others are simply read

Be aware of the comments you hold and those you let go
Learn from experiences and your loved ones
Yet do not let them define you

This is an ongoing journey you need to lead
No matter how important the person or event may seem
You decide
You define
You are the narrator of your life

Like patches in a quilt, choose them carefully
They make up the mosaic of you

If you find a patch that tears you down
No matter the context in which it was found
Start ripping the seams
It needs to go
In its place, a new patch can now be sewn

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