No Matter the Weather

We say so much about what means so little and say too little about what means so much

It’s not a surprise really

It’s easy to speak about what doesn’t matter

We aren’t comnected to it. There is no risk

Words come and go as cars on the road

Speaking about what matters needs more

Courage, vulnerability, trust

Each word is a line from you to me. A line to hold on to or let go, strengthen or weaken, build up or tear down

Yet this is where true belonging is found

Not talking about the weather and keeping it all together

Belonging extends beyond families, cultures or creeds

Belonging is found when we truly listen and speak

When we collectively hold the carefully chosen words in this sacred space

We need to say more about what matters to those who’ve shown up no matter the weather

We need to show up for each other, not only to stand together, but to speak together of the real weather of our lives

This is our time. Don’t hide

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