Renewing Dreams

Dreams can be battered and bruised

Hopes can be dashed and dettered

Goals can be moved off course

The very aspirations that kept you going can be twisted beyond recognition

Do not forget the origin of your dreams even when others have been surreptitiously mean

The origin of your dreams is always you

Of course you may be inspired by what you see

Yet, you are the point of renewal

Full stop.

Do not let others’ mistakes change the courageous steps you will take

Your dreams are beautiful

Your dreams are worth fighting for and caring for

Your dreams can be held with honor and integrity

You do not have to do this on your own

Don’t be swayed by captivating tales nor misplace doubt upon those whose word has not failed

Share your dreams with those who are true and stand by you through and through and through

Your dreams are yours

Keep your head up and eyes trained as you move forth

Your dreams may not appear exactly as you hold dear

They are worth walking through the fear to hear the song only you can sing

Let it ring and ripple and ring

Pause in the joy your dreams bring

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