I didn’t fall in love. I chose to be in love.

I didn’t fall in love with you

I choose to be in love with you

When I saw you, I didn’t “just know”

Yet when I saw you I thought some day if we showed up for one another again and again

I knew I could know you were the one for me

Love is a journey

In our first meeting, we planted seeds

Tending them mindfully

Our love is not blind

Our eyes are wide, back straight and hands open

Our love is magical in moments and graciously ordinary in others

He is not always on my mind

Nor am I always on his

Yet we think of each other often – mind, body and soul

Our hands are made for holding, yet they too let go

To pursue our interests, talents and our own unique roads

We are two pillars of a bridge connected by the love, trust and experiences we share

Our love did not just appear from thin air

It is not just about the moment we found our pair

Our love is a journey

It builds as we move forward

As we grow together, learn together, discuss together and weather the weather together

No, we are not pop-cultures magical dream

We are real

We have built our relationship from the ground up

Eyes wide, back straight and hands open

Willing to caste away story tale notions and embrace true love with intention and insight.

Recognizing this means embracing the ordinary at times, the domestic and routine. This phase is often long after the last Hollywood scene.

Yet there is something undeniably beautiful in being embraced after a long day by those same gentle and strong arms. To be kissed goodnight and goodmorning night after night

To live a simple, yet deeply meaningful life

This is the kind of love I’m realizing has arrived

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