Do Less. Take Time to Rest

So many balls in the air

Sighting, tracking, predicting, feeling, moving


As the balls are caught and layed in their temporary resting place

Swirling, breathing, grounding, hurting, sitting

It’s strange how it is when you pause that you notice what aches. Of course, I understand the evolutionary case.

Yet, we are in an age where we do not stop

A mom of an infant recently told me she is still busy, yet it is a different kind of busy. It centers on her child, rather the many, many students she was previously teaching.

She was busy and perhaps more significantly she was present

I don’t know how often I can say that. I’m focused on a task and can reach a state of flow. Yet, other times a lot of projects pull my attention. There’s no clear way to go and Im stuck in the paradox of too many choices. I prioritize and push through, yet there’s no doubt it’s a push.

I want to discover the right number of balls to juggle to be focused in the act, challenged by the task and connected to each ball that reaches my hand.

I understand this number is not fixed. It changes with the space and effort I give it.

We have limits and there are cases of too much of a good thing

So let us be mindful of what we are juggling at home, work and play. This old analogy may have new insights to bring.

For one, don’t just “do more”

Do less and take time to rest

Before picking up the balls and skillfully juggling, creating and collaborating once again

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