Mental Health Advocacy

Today is Let’s Talk Day.
A day dedicated to mental health awareness.
Watch the 2-min video below for your on how we can make changes towards a healthier society for all:
Are you interested in supporting a loved one with their mental health?
Here are a few tips:
1) Listen – really listen. Create a supportive, patient and empathetic space to be with them where they are.
2) Educate Yourself – caring for our mental health is a skill like any other. Use reputable sources to discover evidence-based strategies to improve and support mental health.
3) Research Local Mental Health Supports – not all supports are created equal. There is still more regulation and oversight needed in this area. Yet, the right supports can make all the difference. Research the variety of supports available. Ensure they have the proper credentials and professional affiliations. Remember what is supportive, may not be geared towards “mental health.” Joining the gym, going to a community-oriented club, reconnecting with friends builds up social supports.
4) Have a Growth Mindset – mental health recovery is not linear. Learn alongside your loved one through the ups and downs. It is not static. It requires tremendous personal growth. Be willing to grow alongside them (ex. emotional awareness, personal insight, signs of being well/unwell etc.)
5) Recognize When To Share and When Not To – Don’t try to “fix” or be too quick to give advice. This can alienate others. At the same time, be willing to share when you are concerned, give space for their feedback and try to move forward together.
If you don’t know what to do. Many times just being present and showing you care makes a far greater difference than you think.
Also, there is a Mental Health First Aid training provided by professional and community-based organizations. Check out your local area for upcoming training.


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