How Fear Magnifies and Subsides

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How does fear magnify?
Even those fears that are imagined in your mind?


We steadfastly create pillars to keep fear at bay
Pillars of hope
Pillars of trust
Pillars of love
Pillars of faith

When people start to chip away at their integrity
Fear seeps into our cities
When riddled with doubt-filled questions day after day
Our pillars shake and cities quake

Fears are not always extinguished when light is shined
Even by a well-intentioned, questioning mind
For when light is filled with expectations of what you might find
Especially when nothing is there

This light brings doubt not kindness or care

If you continually try to bring fear to light
Even fears that were not previously near
You will find it
You will have accomplished your misdirected goal
When lacking data, the mind fills in the gap with stories of all kinds

Just think of a pink elephant

I’d imagine you were not thinking about it before this sentence

If you go looking for fear
Even if it was nowhere near
You will find it

How does fear subside?

Having eyes to see the fears that are not yours
Eyes that realize these fears belong to another’s eyes
To those who kept searching all along
It may have had nothing to do with you
Nor your pillars or all that you had built
You simply were in the wrong place
With someone who mistook you for a different case

Fear can distort our perception so quickly
Our universal longing for safety can at times lead us astray
So keep building your pillars of hope, trust and faith
No matter what others may say

These pillars may tremble and shake
Yet, they will remain in place
Perhaps not quite as they were before
They’re still a reminder of the lasting strength in your core

Fear will never be fully extinguished

To truly live our lives, we need to honor and cultivate what we love
Build up all the higher our pillars of hope, trust and faith
To store up enough courage and resilience to rise above
Rather than keep fighting that which we are so afraid

Fear begets fear
So, don’t get caught up in the chase




Author’s Notes

We are living in an age where fear is just about everywhere, especially in the media. Ironically, a few lines of this poem were inspired by the most recent Star Wars movie: The Last Jedi. Without giving anything away, one of the female characters pleaded to her comrade that they would not win this battle by fighting what they hate, but rather by saving what they love (Johnson, R., 2017). Just as violence creates more violence, a continual focus on fears creates more fear. Fears are not to be run from, nor are they to be looked for either. Fear is part of our lives. This we need to accept. Yet, we can learn to let fear come and go without sending a full search party.

Building up the pillars of hope for what may be, trust that you have the capacity to see it through and faith that you are never alone. These are three of my biggest pillars, which ground me when experiencing fear. Love is the core or center of the city analogy in this poem. I would encourage you to recognize the times you experience fear and how you respond. In times of danger, we need to take immediate action. In times of perceived danger, it’s important to take a step back to honestly evaluate the situation. You may indeed send out the “search party” or you may be able to finish your errands and head back home.

One thought on “How Fear Magnifies and Subsides

  1. Julia Burke’s writings are refreshing, honest and open in her words and observations! Thank you, for the light and healing brightness in the writings you create and share! 🙏🏼💞🤗

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