2018: A Frosty Start


Another extreme cold weather alert
Reminds us just stepping outside is going to hurt
Bundled up with only our noses to show
It’s hard to remember why we love the snow

The days are beautifully bright and clear
We long to snowshoe along the tracks so near
The stars shine with a brilliance almost magnified
Yet, we cannot look long before we rush inside

Even the car reads minus thirty degrees
It’s hard to argue with the man on TV
It’s bone-chilling cold right across the country
Except for those lucky souls on the lower coast of BC

It’s true, yet hard for anyone else to see
We are actually looking forward to minus twenty
It seems so reasonable now when icicles form upon our brow
Minus twenty, that’s what we’re waiting for now

Oh when it came on New Years day
Even warmer than minus twenty; it was minus sixteen
We buddled up and put on our gear
It was our first ski of the year

The snow was soft; it glistened, sparkled and shone
Reminding each one of us, the joy of winter lives on

We are Canadian built for the cold and the warm
But don’t be surprised if you catch us by the fire in the midst of a storm

We are Canadian
Yes, we love our warm summer days
Yes, they do come – even up our way

Yet, the winter has a certain splendor about her
One I wouldn’t trade even when my car reads minus thirty degrees
Though I will be glad when I can gear up and head out with my skis
Gliding along the brilliantly white snow with the lake below and the beautiful pine trees



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