Ode to Winter Beards

I never thought I’d say it, but it’s true

I like men’s facial hair

Moustaches, goatees, sideburns

Never really was my kinda style

Like that moustache my Dad sported in the 80s for awhile…I’m glad he said good-bye

But beards

Maybe its the idea that men have the ability to grow a face protector from the bitter winds, especially as we are hitting minus 30

Or the way they provide shape and contour to a man’s face

Maybe it’s simply because I cannot do it in my testosterone limited state

The feel of a beard when it is not too long or too short is just cozy and warm

Of course not all men can grow full beards and will have to wear scarves like the rest of us

Yet for those who can grew a full winter beard. You may want to give it a shot.

Beards aren’t just for hipsters and grandpas these days

They are a proud companion strutting the streets and leading executive meetings.

It took a few tries

Okay, a few months

Okay, waiting until winter months

For my guy to see the upside of growing a beard

Suddenly things became clear

There’s less shaving; it looks good and it’s warm

It is now a steadfast companion through the cool sunshine and frigid storms

While it may be a seasonal edition

I’m glad it’s here

My confession is now closed and so…

May the beard be with you (and/or beside you)

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