Hope’s Arrival

It’s strange how at times we retreat
When we come near to the hope we hold dear
For we are so close
The vulnerability of it all
Knowing the height from which we could fall
Makes us want to climb back down
To what appears to be more solid ground

Our hopes can feel a little lofty
Doused with uncertainty
Requiring a tremendous amount of courage and bravery
Yet the retreat when we near the peak can happen quite quickly

I write this to bring awareness to this ironic predicament

In many cases, we go running into the arms of hope’s arrival
With joyful exuberance, we embrace the homecoming of hope
Yet, there are those moments
When our hope has not quite arrived
These are the times when vulnerability is high
These are the times when we decide

Do I put in my application?
Do I give her a call?
Do I ask him the question?
Do I tell her?

There is no wonder we have been trying to understand human connection for millennia
This is hardly an exact science
Yet, there is no doubt
There is doubt
There is risk
There is uncertainty
There is the discomfort that comes alongside the waiting
We see so many times people in the movies
Speaking with and from their heart
At times, it is met with incredible movement
Deepening connection
The arrival of a hope
At others, it is met blankly, silently
You can almost feel their heart sinking

Hope is patient
It arrives in many different colours and shapes
It arrives at different times
Rarely in the colour-coded schematics of our lives
Yet, hope rarely just walks on in
We need to be patient too
We need to open the door when one of our hopes comes a knocking
We need to keep building our home
Making the space
Taking time to create
So when hope arrives
When hope is welcomed
Hope knows it has found the right place
Hope has come home

For us, our hope has become known
It is no longer in the realm of dreams
Hope can be felt, touched and seen
This is one of the greatest gifts
We have the honor to receive

Keep living your life courageously
Recognizing the times when you’ve diligently climbed
Up that mountainside or along a winding road
It can be dizzying
Keep your eyes up
Back straight
Heart loud
Connected and strong
As you take each step on your way along, remember
Hope waits
Love seeks
Joy calls

Stand tall, my friends
Stand tall

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