Your Greatest Ally

You are your greatest ally
I am mine
Whoever tells us otherwise
Well, they are blind

In these days, when people say
We are self-critical or self-judging
We need to remember criticisms and judgments don’t happen in a vacuum

They have a root
Often from culture, family and those we’ve looked up to

Their unrealistic expectations that rose ever higher
Their doubts upon fear-ridden doubt
Their questions that bordered on interrogations
We courageously walked through these judgemental hailstorms
Yet they left an impression

Doing the work to uproot criticism and cultivate compassion
Is perhaps one of the greatest gifts you will give to you and those around you

Compassion is an integral part of how I navigate strife
Yet, doing this work often means discovering the layers of our lives
Not simply faking a smile or numbing pain with blanket positivity

Rather seeing both your imperfections and your beauty
Knowing  you are worthy of love and connection always
This is a vulnerable course to take
It is accepting the you you are today and yesterday

The insight gained is unimaginably great
If it somehow became lost in the fray
You will regain the words that still resonate

You are your greatest ally
I am mine
Whoever says otherwise
They are blind

In those times when we do inevitably make a mistake
Don’t hide, try to rearrange or blame
Stand up. Be honest.  And learn.

Remember it was your action that was the mistake
You may feel guilty, but watch the slippery slope to shame
No matter the blunders you may face
You always remain

Through this growth and learning
You are reminded once again

You are your greatest ally
I am mine
Whoever tells us otherwise
Well they are blind

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