Let Us Pray

Let Us Pray

Let us pray with words that are so often unheard
Let us pray with silence filled with such meaning words cannot translate
Yet are carried out of the fray on the wings of the divine
Cherished by the One who knew your name
Since the beginning of time

Let us pray

Let us pray through these cold dark nights
Through these times where the sun seems to hide
Let us pray to our God above
Who decorated our velvety sky with these beautiful tiny lights
Like the brightness that shines upon our Christmas themed evergreens
God’s creation is a sign of hope just waiting to be seen

Let us pray

Let us pray for those who have fallen down
Stricken by grief, illness, or other forms of loss
Let us pray for those who stare up from the ground
And wonder what life will look like for them now
Let us pray for their courage, resilience and compassion
For their sight to be clear and their hearts to be filled with more love than fear
Let us pray for the people who gather round
That they may be accepting, supportive, and a reminder of all that is yet to be found

Let us pray

Let us pray for our neighbours we have not yet met or do not know their names
Let us pray for vision and strength to continue to build our community where we are known
Not solely by our names but by our hearts and by our souls

Let us pray for those who are alone, that they may have a hand to hold
Let us pray we may one day be the hand that holds, the ears that hear, and heart that speaks
Of the love that is far greater than you and me
Yet at the same continually intertwines all human beings

Let us pray

Let us pray in this time of celebration, hope and jubilation
We would remember the baby who lived a life of unrelenting love and compassion
The baby who would one day face such great adversity
While also bringing humanity to a whole new kind of liberty
Who came so fragile and in need of caring
Who’s story is captivating, and transforming

Let us pray
Let us pray for those who have lost their faith some where along the way
That they may be encouraged and given spaces where they know they are safe
Where they know they can question and seek
Where they are accepted for who they are, where they are with no expectations to meet

Let us pray we would all know the height and depth and breadth of love
We are all bestowed each and every day
Let us pray not because our words and silences are not heard
Let us pray so we remember who we are in this scarred and sacred world




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