My Interview Pitch as a Poem

I know poetry isn’t exactly what you were expecting
Please stay with me for a minute or three

For me, to be a part of the work you do
Is not about jumping through hoops
Crossing all the Ts or dotting all the Is
I believe in your why

I believe in the meaning that intertwines
The work you do from 9 to 5
This is not just about a job for me
This is about facilitating and connecting
People to see their potential come alive
Not only within their own eyes
But also in the eyes of their community
Who may have seen it all along
And perhaps just needed that reminder to know
That here at this University so far from home
You belong
You are honored, respected and valued
Your voice matters
The work of you heart, mind and hands matters

We are all on a journey
From a dark past to a brighter future
That will take incredible patience, resilience, and respect
So we can build bridges of reconciliation
And through an ever deepening sense of safety and belonging
We can break down fears and defenses
That have long stood as high fences

The work you do
Gives me the opportunity to apply my skills in teaching, creating and innovating
To make the connection
To provide the support
To encourage those who fall down
And to see what comes round
To see what is learned
To see people grow and connect in ways they may have never known
This is not work that happens over night, I know
Yet, it is work that has a depth and height of meaning that overflows
It may take years for all of this to become clear
This does not change the potential I see
I will wait patiently
For there is much for me to learn, experience and hear
If this opportunity does draw near
I will work not only from mind but my heart
For so much of this is not only a set of skills, but an art

To close, I hope when the light touches the earth at the next break of dawn
You will know your vision has shone on my eyes
I believe in your why
I will work with my feet on the earth and eyes upon the skies
I will work to build into this vision so it may one day be realized
This is the kind of work I long to do
As for the rest, now that’s up to you.

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