Find Your “Creative Pen” Again

Listen here :

Creativity is the spark that starts new connections
It is how we tell our stories and weave through misdirections
Creativity is not only only about art
It is about those who are courageous of heart
Who boldly depart on explorations loosening the ties of societal expectations
Creativity can be scary as it is not a charted course until we have cleared the path
And still creativity is so much more than that

I believe we are all creative
Some have just found ways to more clearly express this
Who create beauty out of the mess
Yet if we took our own definitions of creativity to the test
Perhaps we might find we are a little more blessed

Like that proposal you skillfully wove together
The way you  admire beauty even in the stormiest of weather
Or the the spaces you created for your children to play
The meals you make filled with colour, aromas and savoury tastes
No, this is not talking about Vincent Van Gogh
Though he was creative with brilliant paintings to show

This is to say, you are creative too
And if you were told to stop creating as you once loved to do
Know it can still hurt even if the experience happened in grade two

And the sad thing is
This is often when people give up their creative pursuits
Elementary school
Because they were told their art and creativity didn’t quite meet the bar
So they better choose another course in their school calendar

I challenge you to once again
Pick up that paint brush, camera or pen
Or whatever else it may be
Your creativity is a gift first and foremost to you
And if we’ve built the trust perhaps it may be a gift to me too
Your creativity was never intended for the critics who act blind
Stifling the very thing that ignites and intertwines our hearts and minds

Creativity is to be expressed
Not to be graded or ranked
There are times when I’d like to break that meter stick
And see what I could truly make with it.

Perhaps the most important reason to try once again
If the cobwebs have started to form round your creative pen
Is that your knowledge, experiences and perspectives are yours
No one else can see exactly what you see
Unless you choose to share
Perhaps beginning first with trusted friends and family

Your creativity may one day weave together solutions to challenges we face today
For there are many
When we combine creativity with any discipline
That’s when genuine progress truly happens
Whether education, health care, business or economics
Creativity is what will forge pathways to solutions that will truly stick

Recently the focus of education is shifting from STEM to STEAM
And the difference in the acronym is the word art
Even the change in the words alone provides the theme
Of movement, progress, heat

The challenge is to bring more art back to our schools
And allow students to explore without the same rules
That stifled so many creatives and in some cases were down right cruel

Thankfully, my songs and poems were never graded traditionally
This allowed me to find my own way
Through listening, experiencing and experimenting
Yet, I was still once told by an editor “this isn’t poetry”

Thankfully, I was a grown woman by then and not a young girl
And while it still hurt, he had not earned the right to shape my art
He was a critic but was not invited to take part
For those who can sit at this table, I trust deeply and from the heart

I am a woman who has learned to embrace my creativity
As awkwardly beautiful as the dance may be

I create with words, lyrics and rhymes
Poetry and conversation, songs and course design
This is how my creativity takes shape in these times

I refine it every single day
Yes, in doing so I am both brave and afraid
Yet, the meaning it brings to my life
I will never trade

So knowing all this
What will you make?



Jarvis, C. (2014). Daring Greatly to Unlock Your Creativity with Brené Brown. Retrieved from

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