Wild Heart

Have you ever been on a journey and didn’t know how long it would take or the daily miles you’d make?

Have you ever been on a journey and didn’t know where were the gentle declines
and steep, steep slopes?

Have you ever been on a journey where you didn’t know how you would exactly get home
Yet kept stepping forward?

Have you ever journeyed through the wilderness on yout own
Experiencing the challenges that come with this kind of lonely growth?
Where movement is not quantifiable and the depth of understanding is invisible
All of this is undoubtedly uncomfortable!

There are time when good people come alongside
Yet it is for a time and when they go
You do your best to hold your head high
Even as a solitary tears trickles down and you let out a sigh

This journey through the wilderness
No matter how lonely it may be
Is experienced around the world
By people like you and me

People on their own journey where there are some certaintys
They simply have to let go
Like the rigidity of clocks or expectations from people who just don’t know

There is a simply magnificent poem by a man named Harry Baker
Who tells the story of a bumblebee
See scientists had done the math and meticulously theorized
They found the bumble bee lacked the wing beats per minute or the necessary size
So flying was simply a theoretical impossibility

Of course you, me and most triumphantly the bumble bee
Know otherwise as the bee goes about buzzing as it flies

Harry said time and time again
Just because it’s proven, doesn’t mean its true
Don’t ever let someone tell you what you can’t do
Just because it’s proven, doesn’t mean its true

And maybe just maybe what’s true doesn’t always need a quantifiable proof
Maybe just maybe what’s true is something you discover on your own wild journey
And oh the irony when you discover a researcher like Brené Brown that scientifically validates, so much of what you have found

It still isn’t comfortable

Yet now I not only have my experiences but also the data to say wholeheartedly,
This journey through the wilderness is filled with meaning, insight and genuine belonging
First to me and then to my partner, friends and family
This journey cultivates my own strength, courage and resiliency to stand truly
Whether faced with division, conformity or awe-striking beauty

And no, it’s definitely not easy

Surprises come along both challenging and gratifying
Yet I know I am alive, living and breathing
And in so doing I’ll be able to share my art
Knowing it comes from my own wild heart


Check out both of these talks! If you find the talk by Brené Brown a little long, try searching for her talk on the Power of Vulnerability or the Anatomy of Trust.

Baker, H. (2016). The Bumble Bee and the Scientist. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiCZUWwpvho

Jarvis, C. (2017). Brene Brown: The Quest for True Belonging. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gm9JrYhF-Bk&t=2156s

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