To Helping Professionals

This is for the doctor

Who’s not afraid to say
Some of these illnesses I see everyday
They are in my genes too
My education or designation does not make me  immune

I may not be able to provide a perfect cure
There’s some pain we must learn to endure
Yet, I will work hard to  develop a treatment plan
That applies my knowledge to give you the best care I can

This is for the reverend

Who freely voices her questions and doubts
Yet knows to her core the journey of faith
Must never be about who’s “in” or who’s “out”

Who looks for God everywhere
And stills questions where were you?
Who’s not afraid to get angry at injustice and skewed “truth”
Who lives her life caring for a faith for which there is no unshakable proof

This is for the social worker

Who dedicated her life to research, data and facts
Only to discover that vulnerability was the core to living life wholeheartedly
She spoke up about how this shook her reality
This unnerving loss of certainty

She too needed counselling to accept the very thing
She had been fighting for so long
Tenderness, vulnerability and the risk to sometimes get it wrong
To face her own insecurities in the quest to belong

In so doing, she found the kind of self-acceptance
That allows her to write in ways that enhance and empower

This is for the teacher

Who said, we read these textbook with answers upon answers
I tell you there is still so much we still need to discover and know
Even though there’s a glossy cover and pages upon pages to show

Your question is incredible
And no, I don’t know the answer
It may indeed be an answer that still needs to be found
So go, discover and you too can make your mark upon this ground
I am teaching you not just what, but more importantly how to learn
So you can apply your mind, grow and discern

This is for the helping professionals who know
Compassion and trust are perhaps the greatest prerequisites
They are simply a must

Of course you need to be competent, skilled and well-trained
Yet if there is no connection
This train won’t leave the station
At least not for any meaningful duration

Arrogance simply has no place in these spaces
While it may be an attempt to showcase strengths
In practice, it only serves to alienate

For it is through a doctor’s humility,
We trust their skill and ability

It is through a reverend’s doubt,
We discover faith

A social worker’s vulnerability,
We accept our humanity

A teacher’s recognition of all we have yet to learn,
That ignites our curiosity, so it may continually burn brightly

Somehow it is the very experience of receiving a helping hand
That can transform these professionals from good to grand

Compassionate and skilled
Humble and knowledgeable
Trustworthy and always learning

This is the kind of helping professional
I hope to be and see in the world around me


If you’d like to learn more about the Social Worker/Qualitative Researcher, Brené Brown, and her work on vulnerability, check out the video The Power of Vulnerability



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