The Upside Down “Cure” to Pain

We are in an age where our “Sunday best” has reached a whole new stage
We are filled with scenes after scenes of everyone’s highlights
And this has become the modern day painting of “life”

Now just imagine the confusion when we get hit right between the eyes
With this unavoidable thing called strife

With pain that flows and inflames
Pain that settles, but doesn’t quite go away
Pain we were not prepared for or taught how to keep at bay

Suddenly we feel rather displaced 

The number of “cures” for pain we are pitched each and every day is astonishing
Just try counting
Open happiness in a bottle, find courage in a shoe, discover you’re worth it with this lipstick?
Their promises are soaring and the outcomes just won’t do
And somehow instead of questioning these faulty cures we go out and buy another pair of shoes

Striving towards the “perfect cure” or “zero pain” is at times inhumane
It lacks the very acceptance and compassion that is truly healing
It’s a cycle that leads down an unhealthy path
Where disappointed people after try cure after fault cure
Choose to numb rather than live
And I for one don’t want that

It’s got me wondering about how we relate to pain
Especially the lingering kind that doesn’t quite go away

What if we stopped looking for the perfect cure?
What if some days we just held our heads high and endured?
What  if this pain became okay?
Not “liked”, just recognized and in so doing
Breaking the cycle of false promises or the drive to run away

What if we just accepted who are, as we are on this day?

I think changing how we relate to our pain
Has the ability to drastically transform
And hopefully start shaping new norms

Where people can be people with hearts that love, break and dream
Where people can be people accepting exactly where they are
While knowing in living each day we can travel so far

Where it’s okay to not be okay somedays
Where pain can be acknowledged with courage and we no long keep pushing it away
Just think how this could change the face of human suffering

We are living in one divided age
People are quick to segregate, shame, blame and hate
Do you the know the research-based definition of blame?
A way to discharge discomfort and pain

While this may not be surprising
We need to face our pain without faulty cures that numb or the push to blame
Just imagine how conversations would change
f we used the word pain instead of the word hate


I was once told pain is unavoidable
While suffering is a matter of reaction
I believe this to a fraction
When we accept the pain (even though we don’t like it)
We can be freed from the suffering of resisting our own reality
And be more aware of everyday experiences that make us truly happy

We are human beings
Made to experience a kaleidoscope of feelings
We need to remember
We can never numb just one
And if you have never been told
You need to know you can never numb just one emotion

This is truly a case of all or none
All – Sorrow and Joy
Dismay and hope
Love and grief
Angry and afraid
Or none, nothing, flat

So maybe, just maybe
Accepting the pain that comes and goes
And even the pain that remains
Maybe what we need to find
A little more peace
A little more compassion for you and me
A little more meaning in this tapestry of our scarred and sacred humanity


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