Moving Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere

In moments
In scenery
In our passing conversations

All moving inspiration

We just have to learn to slow them down
To truly see them from our place here on the ground

To savour and cherish them
Distill and purify them
To see the light sneaking out of the cracks
And create meaning from the scattered tracks

To hear the wisdom in the words
See the beauty in the scenes
Touch the love in the embrace
To truly turn and face this life

To gaze upon an ocean
And become lost in thought of ¬†water’s evaporation
A mirror of our own life’s journey towards the most beautiful constelations

Knowing we are always part of something wider
Whilebeing on a journey to a place grander and higher

Inspiration is everywhere

When you look with eyes that genuinely care
When you look in the eyes of one who loves you through and through

Their eyes
Have you really understood all that is waiting to be sung from their gaze?

Have you ever really paused to think
All that is waiting to be sung from the beautiful night’s sky
We often pass over in a blink?

For when you pause and look up to these awe inspiring light formations
Your soul expands and soars with this most artistic creation

All moving inspiration

That can be fueled into creation
When we take a moment to slow down
And connect with our own spectacular ground


What moves and inspires you?

When have you been inspired in an unlikely or unexpected circumstance?

Feel free to simply reflect or share in the comments below!

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