Discovering Stories

Stories are powerful things

They ignite our imagination

And lead to new understanding and determination

They show us how others too

Have faced great challenges and pain

They made it through

Yet there are times you go searching the pages

And find you are looking for a story that is not from one of the former ages

You are looking for your own story

Written a few chapters ahead

You are looking for your story

To know things really do turn out in the end

To know even when your strength fails

There’s someone by your side

Even when the rain pours

You’ll keep walking through the tears you’ve cried

Sometimes you need to stop looking and reading

And start observing and writing

Start writing the next chapter in your own book

This is what you may have been looking for all along

This is the story where you most truly belong

It’s hard to be in a story that has not yet been fully written out

There is no quick way to flip to the end and reassure your doubts 

Yet as you hold on to your pen also hold on to this

You are loved

You are cherished

You have something of great merit

To offer this planet

Be it a smile or a small act of kindness

You are here to create a little joy in the mess

You are here rain, sun, snow, or clouds

You are here discovering how

To keep writing your story with a well trained eye

For the moments of gratitude 

That frequently pass each one of us by

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