Reimagining Mr Right

There are times when I find myself unexplicable upset by another’s behaviour

I’ve come to recognize it is an automatic reaction for not aligning with culturally formed norms that are often best thrown out the door

He is gentle

He is kind

He is trustworthy, reliable and dedicated

One of the most gentle and kind person I have met

I am lucky to have him by my side

I just need to shake off superficial expectations that are often placed on “Mr Right”. And instead hold on with all my might to his genuine character

For truly it is someones character – the real core of the person – that you partner with

Not a title, salary or degree

For we all know people who have those in spades yet lack virtuous character traits

Nor physical traits which shift and vhange with time

True partnership is one of being connected heart soul and mind and that is where character is all intertwined

And so I will cherish his beloved character and learn release my culturally influenced thoughts of how things were “supposed” to be.

And if I may speak to the women for just a moment here, we need to remember we are often fincially self-sufficient.

We need to get rid of this idea of a man as a financial provider and change this to that of one true partner.

Allow the balancing strengths to fall outside the gender norms

To where they naturally form

The goals is to complement each other

And support one another through the storms

So take a little closer look at his heart, soul and mind

Discover someone who is truly gentle and kind

For that is worth more than any gold mine
Update: I recently read the findings of Dr Gottman’s extensive research on  married couples. His major finding – kindness and generosity were the two most important factors in determining whether  a marriage would stay together. 

Check out the article here: 

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