Stomping on Stigma 

Stigma exists in  all kinds of forms

Marginalized people are treated with scorn

Those most need of compassion

Are treated with what is a truly shameful reaction


It can be tackled in a number of ways 

Often it can be as seemingly simple as giving it a name and a face

For someone to come out and say “I have HIV and yes you can hug me”

“My same sex partner proposed. He gave me a ring and I want people to see”

“I am experiencing depression and I have down days. Even though Im sad, with the right help Ill find my way.”

“I may be old and grey. Don’t forget I have a say. I have lived decades beyond what you have seen. This is about the integrity of my voice. Its about honoring I have a choice.”

Four mini stories of often stigmatized groups in our society 

Those facing challenges with their  physical and mental health

Those of different sexual orientations and senior populations.

We can all do better in stomping on our own stigma, prejudice and distorted views

We can all do better to share stories to reclaim the brilliant lives of those whoe were once marginalized 

Now is the hour

Now is the day

Let’s use our say

To stomp on stigma

And chart a different more compassionate way

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