Faithful Furry Friends

DSC_0390 - cropped

Woof woof wag wag bark bark

These furry animals sure can make a place in your heart.

Sit, stay, lay down, high five

Dogs bring a few more smiles to our lives

Then there are their almost vocalized needs

“Let’s go for a walk if you please

Nevermind we just came in the door

I sure would like to go for one more

And is it not that time again

To feed your faithful furry friend?

These ears could sure use some scratching

A tummy rub would be next thing to heaven”

The toys they have these days

Can have you lost in a maze

Toys that go squeek

Toys that spin round

Toys that stay tough

When your dog wrestles them to the ground

Its all worth it at the end of the day

When they’re all done with play

They cuddle up close to your feet

And remind us of the joys we gratefully meet

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