Time to Grow

I need to grow

I know

I need to release preconceived notions of how I thought things were going to be

And really breathe into the present

The funny thing is the present is looking pretty good right now

If these damn expectations would just take a hike so I could see today in its full light

I am doing what I love to do

Its educational, creative, collaborative, and fulfilling

I work remotely from home

Not what I expected but there are unique opportunities that have grown

I have a partner

We have shared different journies

We are anchored with common values and a shared enjoyment of activities

He treats me with great love, loyalty and steadfast compassion

It deepens my love for him moment by moment and with each recollection

He too has a career he loves – writing and creating

We found each other

It must have come from the heart because now my mind with all its stuffy norms is trying to keep up

As if it would like to perform one elaborate survey to analyze whether every factor will all work out

When in reality I need to have a little more faith and a lot less doubt

To learn how to be supportive accepting and kind when his journey looks different than mine

For it is that beautiful combination of love, trust and encouragement where solid relationships are built

So I will press on

Be grateful for all the unexpected beauty I’ve stumbled upon

To stop trying to shape thigs based on archaic norms or childlike imaginings

For neither could hold a candle with the real thing

The joy it all brings

For his virtue speaks louder than anything

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