I Will Try – A Tribute to Mandy Harvey

“I don’t feel the way I used to

The sky is grey more then it is blue…

I don’t live the way I want to

The whole picture never came into view

I’m tired of getting used to the day

So I will try” (Mandy Harvey)

Inspiring words that are now reverberating in hearts and minds

After an inspiring performance that’s  echoing across the globe

It is one I’d like you to know

Mandy Harvey, 29

Born the same year as mine

Music was her love, her joy, her life

And she lost her hearing practically the moment she was an adult

Of course it was not her fault

A connective tissue disorder rendered her legally deaf

This was not the picture she had in mind

The was not the cards she thought she had – certainly not at that time

She was a young woman in her prime

Yet here it was

There was no denying or blaming

It simply was what it was

Instruments were put in closet

Music was a thing of the past

But she just couldnt stop singing

Couldn’t stop writing

She tried on another career, but it didn’t hold a candle to music

So she started painting another picture

Sure this landscape looked different

There were new people on the scene


Her heart was still her heart

Her spirit was still her spirit

It all cried for music

She found another way through it

Feeling vibrations through her feet

Using tuners to tune her vocals along with the rest of the musical fleet

She sang

Really sang

Skin tingling, heart pounding, tears swelling singing

It is an incredible testament to how there are times

When we all need to chart different paths to truly allow our gifts to shine

No matter the troubles that happen to us

We are resilient

Body, spirit and mind

So I will try!



Performance Link – Mandy Harvey


Lyrics from Mandy Harvey song she wrote called “Try”

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