Rejoicing in the Sun after Standing in the Rain

I was once heard this teaching from a Buddhist Monk

“It’s okay

You can take your umbrella down”

It made me stop a moment and look around

To ponder the times I may too be taking unneccary precautions long after the storm had passed

There’s something to be learned from these words spoken to me seemingly so fast

For it is true that when it has rained for so many days

You just start carrying it with you

The sun rays seem fleeting

Often shrouded by cloud after cloud

The familiar precaution just seems practical and sound

Yet those rays aren’t always fleeting

The clouds do not all pour with rain

So we must rearrange

Put on sunglasses and sunscreen

Leave the umbrella in the car

Let some bare skin be seen

Soak up the warmth and light

Filling us from every side

To simply be you

Revelling in the joys of being under the skies of a brilliant blue

As for those clouds that formed the storms of yesterday?

They now transform into new colours and shapes

Finding meaning from what was once a swirl of chaos and confusion

Now it is given a whole new conclusion.

One of awareness, recognition  and understanding

To say “I know there may be days where I’ll need my umbrella,

But today’s not one of those days.

I won’t let that silly old thing stand in way from catching the brilliance of the beautiful sun rays.”

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