Facing fears & Respecting Fears

Facing trepidations is the surest way to living life more freely

When I say face, I more mean turn and glance a little more clearly

Then perhaps a moment or two longer and with great initial effort you can simply turn and face

Stand firmly in in your place

Perhaps thoroughly afraid

Yet now you have the current awareness not just a memory that was once made

The forms and shapes don’t seem quite so scary

The worries less likely with substance that’s rather airy

Although there can be times in facing fear where we are in great distress and in those moments seeking a safe haven till next time round is absolutely something to celebrate

For there too were lessons you have found and understanding you created

It truly is a human journey to learn to live with and manage our fears

Of course we’d like them to all disappear, yet when listened to with a skillful ear, fear can be useful when honest to goodness danger is near

The trouble is we often confuse danger with theings that are not dangerous at all

A lost cell phone, a public presentation, a performance

None of these things pose a threat to the integrity of life as we know it

Even if we were to blow it

The consequences would be far less than what we would have imagined it.

So name you fears and face them one by one

Really take the time to see – is there real danger there? If so, this is not the kind of fears to tackle but rather to respect why they’re there. If the fears are not truly dangerous then begin facing them in the open air…



With great compassion

And while it may be distressing at first, overtime you too may find your life begin to spread out wide

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