To Fortifyingly Stand

Conflicts happen

Often rather unexpectantly

There is a disconnect between what we had hoped and what we received that leaves us feeling somewhat empty

Other times mad, sad or just plain angry

The swirl of emotion amidst unexpected conflict can cause quite the commotion

We often need a moment to settle to see what’s really troubling to us

For balance is a must

We need to consider the wider story and have the facts speak as loud as the emotion

This is our great commission to balance our feelings with grounded facts so we may be able to navigate upon any track

For in truth feelings are just another form of information

Personal information that can be cloudy when seen as just a pain

Yet can be great indicators when used skillfully and with appropriate reigns

I am still trying to figure out what to do when I don’t see eye to eye with those close to me

I know my feelings play an important role to indicate when something isn’t quite right

Then its up to the rational side to see if its them or if its just me

There are times I just have an off day and things just rub the wrong way

There are other times I need to speak up and say that wasn’t okay

Let’s take the time to talk it out and make it through this initial fray

It’s truly case by case

A balance of all you know in your mind and feel in your heart

Thankfully we are all figuring out the art of being human

Forgiveness goes hand and hand with any relationship that fortifyingly stands

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