Take a Hand & Take a Stand

I was reminded today of the ways we take a stand

I was reminded today of the ways we hold a hand

The two often go together

Like sunny days and rainy weather

For in standing tall we count on those who root for us no matter the times we fall

So take a stand or hold a hand

Stand for what is good, right and true

Hold the hand of those you support through and through

Better yet take a stand while holding hands

Build strength in solidarity and a celebratory reciprocity

This isn’t to say it is easy

Advocacy is a refined art and science when applied successfully

It is in discovering and building upon common ground where true progress is found

Unless the whole things needs to be torn down

But I’ll leave one that for another round

As you learn to work with our hearts as well as your minds

You realize you’ve much to do, not only out there, but also within you

For to enact the most universal ethical law of do unto others as you would have them do unto you

We need to learn not only to care for the people in our lives, but to also learn to care for ourselves whether in times of joy or strife.

I find we are taught far more how to care for others than how to care for ourselves at least once you go beyond basic physical needs

There is so much for us learn in caring for our emotional, cognitive and spiritual well being

Skills and principles we simply aren’t seeing in the classrooms of today or yesterday

This is something that needs to change in this day and age

This is something I will stand for

This is something I hope my writings speak to from their core

I am an educator

In the world painted as having a perpetual face lift by facebook

I write these words to give another look

To be grounded in the reality of being a beloved living breathing human being with all our ups and down, thoughts actions and feelings

To know it is okay to be right where you are

To know when you take it day by day, you can travel so far

To know we can balance our thoughts and calm our emotions to get to a better spot

These words are my own form of advocacy and education all bundled into one

I hope you receive a dash of inspiration

For these words are being read from Canada to Peru, Australia to India, the UK to the Ukraine

I thank you for stopping by and reading them today

You’re more than encouraged to leave a comment before you go on your way

I wish you compassion and courage come what may

One thought on “Take a Hand & Take a Stand

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