Self Tuner

Self care is the first step to compassionately being there for another

Self care is as important as our food air and water

There is so much that needs to be taught about caring for ourselves not just physically, but emotionally, cognitively and spiritually.

To exercise our minds in grounded knowledge rooted in evidence and  facts

To soothe our emotional highs and lows, with calming breaths and balanced thoughts

To feed our spiritual being with natural excursions and truth that speaks to the deepest levels of love, acceptance and joy

These are just a few quick notes on a topic I’m taking the time to become very close

For while I long to contribute in an ongoing and growing way

I know I need to care for myself and have my compass tuned come what may

So Ill truly be a support when they say

Help, I’m in over my head and Ive lost all direction on how to get out

I can come along side and walk towards a brighter route

So they too may discover the way self care is not just a passing phrase

But a practice that strengthens you day by day

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