Day by day

Right now, I take things day by day

At times, it’s overwhelming when people ask about plans far away

It’s not to say I don’t want to make plans, on the contrary

I just keep my plans to the daily, weekly or at times monthly variety

Taking things day by day has been a great way to be more present and grounded come what may

It is an ancient practice captured in the scriptures about  being grateful for our daily bread

To let the challenges, gratitudes and successes be recognized and noted daily

And then set aside so we may be ready for the next sunny or rainy day to come

To give what we have to give more fully to the moments we have to give it to

To recognize it’s deeply okay when you need to care for you

I found myself surprisingly unaware at how difficult it was to give and receive my own care

It is a practice rarely taught

And I think that really aught to change

For self-care can often take the back seat to all of the things that seem so much more pressing

Yet it is truly the first step in helping another

It is to make ourselves strong and resilient so we can dust ourselves off and build ourselves back up when we fall

With love, awareness and compassion in our hearts, we can truly stand tall

Becoming a better help for one and all

Day by day

Gratitude by gratitude

Challenge by success by gratitude yet again

We face it all day by day by day






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