Radical Acceptance

I once heard a phrase that went something along this line

It still resonates in my mind

Life is not responsible for living up to your expectations

It sounds like a rather harsh realization

Yet life is simply life

We cannot always predict what will unfold – whether it will be joy or strife

It’s just life

And I use to detest that phrase

“That’s life” or “it is what it is”

Yet I’m realizing there are particular places where we do need this radical acceptance

Again travelling back to the serenity prayer

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference”

Yet what happens when life is particularly unfair?

When you’ve done the right things and you’ve still experienced such hurt you just stare at how unbelievably unfair it can all be

Yes in these times, it is hard to see clearly

Yet accepting that life is unfair nor an equal exchange is essential if we are to truly believe in the equality between you and me

Yes I wish life could unfold as smoothly as my childhood stories

Yet I am writing my own book and there have been unexpected twists and turns that shook the plot

Through it all, I will keep being grateful for what I have and working with what I’ve got

Thankfully, I’ve loved ones who continually stand by me and that’s worth more than a lot

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