Each & Every Unique Day

I have been writing a daily reflection

As a way to reaffirm my connection

To my heart, my loved ones and the natural sphere

Its strange how difficult it is to simply be here

To not get caught up in the flashes of the past or the lure of the future

Of course we all need time to reflect and to plan

Yet I’m working hard to still my mind and work my hands

To be with the people surrounding me

Letting thoughts and memories come and go

When distressing, Ill balance them and add perspective I’ve come to deeply know

So I may return with my feet rooted more firmly in the ground

Eyes faced towards the current adventure waiting to be found

Some may be exhiliarating while others may be the simple every day things

Truth is it is all part of this grand adventure we are on

With patience, perseverance and ample appreciation

We have what it takes

To greet each and every unique day

In a genuine, compassionate and grounded way

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