Skillfully Aware

We are often told each day is a new day; dust yourself off and be on your way

Yet I’m here to say there is something missing in this philosophy

Of course each day offers new promise

Of course there are things that are best left dismissed

Yet we also need to cherish that which we hold on to and treasure

To cherish the knowledge that has been measured and refined time after time

To cherish the skills honed and practiced until they were our very own

To cherish the moments that remind us of how loved we are by those near and far

So from me to you, don’t start off each day new

Rather carefully choose the knowledge, skills and loving moments you will bring with you

For your are not new

You have gained so much in the passing of time and this should not be denied

So live each day deeply caring for the minutes and trusting the larger time scales will be given ample care

For you live your life skillfully aware

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