Hello to a New Year

Another year has gone by and it has no doubt been eventful

At times incredibly painful yet nonetheless fruitful

I have grown deeper roots in challenging falsehoods and anchoring to facts and grounded truths

I have weathered many storms and waited amidst near blindness for the morn

It has been a year I’d rather not repeat and thankfully I can keep this one on the shelf

Knowing I’m a much stronger, wiser and compassionately kinder person than I was before

This year to come will have different doors to greet

New joys and sorrows, opportunities and challenges to meet

With great compassion and a fact finding eye, experience can be a great teacher

The skills I have learned to find balance are now one of my life’s permanent features

So while I may still have a certain hesitance as I begin each day

I am glad to say good bye to my former age and say hello to a new year

I wish the same blessing of happiness and wellness on myself as I do to all those far and near

Yet more than anything I hope and pray for a steadfast resilience and refining of skills to handle whatever trials I may face

While I celebrate all the loving people, fulfilling work and encounters with nature that make life truly great


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