Living into Acceptance

Courageously accepting reality is a far greater feat than living in an imaginary retreat

For eventually the walls begin to fall as the facts grow  tall

We all have things we’d rather not face

Yet when we come down from the clouds, we see have what it takes to live here on the ground

Even with all the troubles to be found, we learn the skills we need to care for ourselves in times of great distress

Skills that should be taught from the time we were infants

Skills to handle pain through compassionate caring, holistic grounding and balanced fact finding

There is no miraculous cure for the challenges we face in being human

So let us give up this false chase or various ways we try in vain to escape

And instead learn the skills it takes

To live

Truly live right here on the ground

And of course you can hold on to the hope of God above

God who is the eternal source of love

While remembering we are human beings

We live right here on the ground and cannot create life from dust

We each have limits and we each have such incredible strengths

It is learning to live in a way that is both rooted in the dirt and soaring to the sky that we discover what it means to truly be alive

No fancy miraculous cures

No life free from suffering or pain

Yet celebrating all of the wonderful joys that remain

This is just one woman’s take on how to live life with courage, acceptance, appreciation and grace

3 thoughts on “Living into Acceptance

  1. I think you misunderstand what I mean by acceptance. Acceptance is neither wallowing nor denying. Acceptance is towards the difficulties or illnesses that were/are unavoidable. And if you think those dont exist, speak to someone with cancer. We all experience pain to some degree in this life and accepting rather than denying the hurt is a major step towards moving forward. Dealing with ourselves compassionately in the midst of it allows us to move forward to more fully experience the joys in our life by being grounded in the present (dirt) and being filled with hope and vision for our future ( looking to the sky).

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    • Thanks for clearing that out, as long as we do move forward that’s what is important. My own dad died of cancer, I accept the fact that he’s no longer with me in a physical state but I know his guiding will always be on my should & this gives me the courage to move forward in life. Based on my personal loss I am compassionate towards others agony and I know how tough it can be sometimes, I know what’s it like to cry alone all by urself when others turn their backs on you mocking at your misery… But yea I agree with you on the moving forward part & possessing an optimistic hope for the future. I’m sorry if I misunderstood ur post & expressed something that made you feel bad in anyway. I truly feel it’s a very deep and moving post! Keep up the good work friend 😊


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