To Truly Come Home

We were an unlikely encounter

Grounded by our genuine expressions and compassionate laughter

There was something about you that echoed home

Something that echoed this is someone I can know and be known

With adoration, admiration and simple yet profound acceptance

You met me right where I was whether flowing with tears or moved to a dance

Yot took my hand is we walked each step

Day by day, week by week the time has traveled by

I am so grateful to have you by my side

You are gentle

You are kind

You are refined

In the depths of your values

And arch of your convictions

I will cherish your rooted yet questioning spirit

You are someone I can grow with and weather whatever storms may show

Together we will savour the mountains high and endure the valleys low

As we chart a path that leaves love in its wake wherever we go

For it is knowing and being known

We all learn how to truly come home



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