Discerning Hearts & Minds that are Kind

Do not believe everything you hear, especially when it elicits fear

Hold strong to your own roots, don’t be caught up by another’s  “truth”

If it flies in the face of what you deeply know, let it go and remind yourself light shines brightly from a source of might, while darkness is only the absense of what could be, the absence of light blocked yet waiting.

Like an eclipse of the sun, darkness can be a temporary experience soon to become something entirely different

So keep looking to the light, to the goodess inherent in you and me

Remember too illnesses, trials and tribulations most often have nothing to do with good or bad, right or wrong

I cannot even say they are in the grey for in so many ways they have nothing to do with light and dark at all. And on this point so many people miss the mark. They are bumps and detours along our journey we could never have foreseen from the start.

So be gentle with those who are suffering!

Yourself included

You are not alone. They are not alone

It is not your fault. It is not their fault.

May you be happy and well

May they all be happy and well.

Mark all the strength, courage and kindness you see as you face what may be unimaginably challenging

Celebrate those who stand by you – who accept you for you and don’t try to share their latest “truth”

Learn from what you have discarded and let what’s turn to dust stay dust

As for the soil, seeds and beautiful garden thats growing with care you’ve shown- that’s a sacred place of your very own.



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