The Lie of “The Secret” and the Roots of the Truth

While at first glance “The Secret” seems empowering
It is in reality so far from anything truly compassionate or even caring

For the idea we are the ones to create all that is in our lives
Provided we believe the right things is quite frankly one enormous lie

There is simply far too much at play
We are after all human beings
We are not endowed with the divinity
To know and create all things

We learn as we go
We make mistakes, stumble and fall
These are not anomalies in life
There is going to be some strife

This is where “The Secret” becomes a complete disarray
When it is applied to those suffering from illness, loss or pain
For no one would ever choose to create such things
it is with great courage people all around the world
Live through the winters of life and wait for spring

A far more healthy, compassionate and dare I say true
Way to view the many challenging layers of our days
Is the age old serenity prayer

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference”

“The Secret” has no acceptance of things we cannot change
As a result there is no serenity in times of great difficulty
Quite the opposite actually

By believing you can control all life’s outcomes
When things from time to time go unavoidably wrong
“The Secret” would say you are somehow still holding the reigns
This is an unhealthy and misguided claim
It leads to critique and misplaced blame

So I say “The Secret” should be buried deep
And locked away in a far distance place
Or better yet, let it be exposed
For the lie that it is and the false promises it holds

Let us root once again in what is true
Let us walk to the middle way of both radical acceptance and courageous change

And most of all, let us all be a little more compassionate for those who are suffering
To simply say it was not your fault and let the critiques come to a halt
In their place let the affirming power of love, wisdom and grace
Grant them the courage to walk through each day

For we, as human beings, all face times that are so far from our own designs
It is with radical acceptance of what we cannot change
And courageous actions to rearrange what we can
We discover how to live lives with deeper meaning than our original plans

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