Universal Meaning

It is in those dark days
When you really go searching for life’s meaning
When purposeful activities become rare or fleeting when you ask…

What is the meaning when we are just sitting here breathing?
What meaning does life hold in store for those who are simply getting by?
Who struggle and suffer while others barely blink an eye?

To those whose full effort goes to working through illness, loss or pain
Know your life truly remains
There will come a day when it is not as hard as it is today
And while you do not know precisely what gifts these challenges will bestow

I can promise you, you will indeed grow
As you see these experiences as unpredictable challenges you courageously faced
And gain the insight from the unexpected lessons that took place

For who are we to expect a life free from suffering and pain?

We each need to come to the acceptance
This is part of our common human experience
In this, we are not alone

And by living through it, we may learn a few things along the way
Gems we may pass along to another some day

So in part, the meaning I have found in going through illness loss or pain is that it connects me to the universal human experiences we face
Strengthening my compassionate ways to relate
It  also equips in ways that I may in time help another person along in future days

So if there are times where all you can do is breathe
Keep breathing
For your life is just as valuable in these moments of desperation
As in the moments of great celebration

As I have said before

Life is the most challenging classroom of all
Yet, through all this, we gain the resilience to truly stand tall
This resilience is the most valuable and cherished gift
For you learn to weather life’s storms
While holding firmly to the everlasting promised light of the morn.

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