Unbreakable Spirits

You may have heard the phrase
That some people half halfheartedly say
Look at that
They’ve got a broken spirit

Yet I’m here to say bullshit
Our spirits can never break
Sure the challenges we face in this world
Can cause our hearts to tremble and shake

But our spirits?

Our spirits are stronger than we will ever know
The only thing that breaks is the container
Which we’ve outgrown

When we’re on our way to a different start
That comes with the insight these kind of experiences impart

Yet when that container shatters
It can feel like our world is falling apart
The disorientation and confusion
Can feel like an utter illusion
As you learn to see the world in a different way

One that includes the truth
People suffer inexplicably
At times with no rhyme, reason or logical proof
And the more we accept our own suffering
Paradoxically the less we are left hurting
The more we can go on living
Even if it is with misgivings

While it is at times hard to hold on to this belief
When I’m struggling and aching for some relief

It is not our spirits that are in pain
It is our spirit that always remains
Untarnished, deepened and enriched by the trials we face

So the next time someone ever tries
To use the word “broken” as a describing word
Just think of your soul bursting forth from that container

For our spirits have never and will never break
And it will be the inspiring stories that you will take
As a reminder of all that you have courageously faced
As you kept taking one step after another in those trying days

As you learned to adapt and change
To your deepening spirit and expanding soul
For your quest to see, yes indeed you are so much more
Than any difficulty that comes as life unfolds

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