Being Humanely Human

Release the need to erase difficult emotions

For this only leads to further commotion

As human beings we experience the whole kaleidoscopic of feelings

We dont get to self select the ones we find appealing

Be a mindful observer of you thoughts

Balancing out the extremes

Grounding in the facts

And know you can handle this or that

You do not have to erase an emotion

For the distress to pass

And as peculiar as it may sound

The more we accept distress and allow it to be around

The less distressed we truly feel

For we are now only handling the distress itself

Not our own distorted views on how we should never experience pain when it is unrelated to what we did or did not do

While this belief is remarkably common, its simply untrue.

As human beings we experience joy and sorrow, happiness and sadness, hope and despair

This is simply part of what it means to be human

You are never alone in you suffering

So please, at the end of the day

Know its is just part of being human to not feel okay some days

And with as much compassion as you can muster

Be gentle and reassuring to yourself when you are flustered

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