The Journey Forward

I have travelled the highways of the mountains
And the meandering paths of the valleys

I have soared with the eagles
And dove down with the dolphins

I have run under a star studded night sky
And crawled through brambles grumbling why

I have experienced the extremes of what it means to truly be a human being
That is so unlike the photoshopped mirages of magazines

Then I was asked, so what does this mean?
Those misshaped pieced of your life
What does it mean that you’ve gone through such strife?

It is with as much compassion as I can muster
That this question does not cause me to utterly flustered|
To see indeed the challenges I have faced
Were unexpected, unpredictable, and need to be changed
For all the goodness, connection and personal  gifts to remain
Yet what does need to be rearranged
Is to see these difficulties we walk through
Lead to a stronger, not weaker,  me and you

Our blinders become reminders
Our minds become more compassionate and kinder
Our knowledge becomes refined
Letting go of the stories told in ignorance or pride
Our insight delves deeper
And our awareness becomes clearer

In this process of learning to accept
We as human beings get hurt
This is a universal trait
At the time, the hurt simply came
We could not prevent it from happening
And now, well hindsight is 20/20
So don’t confuse your actions then for what you know today
It’s not just giving yourself a break
It’s seeing truly it was an unpredictable challenge you faced
Not a mistake
Let me say this one more time
It’s part of being a human being to get hurt
And it’s about learning to climb step by step
Out of the pit and learn from it
To release any sense of misplaced blame
And have a heart and mind that has been skillfully kind
Ready to receive all the growth in store
As you tenderly, yet firmly close that door
And begin the journey forward

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