Mistakenly Mistaking our Challenges for Mistakes

We make mistakes

We all do whether leaving a little too late or forgetting an important date

We make mistakes

Yet we are best not to mistakenly cast challenges in the same light

For mistakes are known in the past, present and future

While challenges are of an entirely different nature

We do not choose challenges by what we did or did not do

Challenges are simply those difficulties we must see through

Challenges may be seen in the present or future. They cannot be predicted from the past.

Yet when looking back with all the wisdom, awareness and insight gained

We can mistakenly label them with the familiar refrain I made a mistake again

When this is simply not true

You have gained insight from a challenge to which before you were blind, so dont forget to be kind

For you know when you are making a mistake

You dont know the challenge you are going to face.

It simply comes

And by making this subtle yet powerful change

Our thinking about our past can be more compassionately rearranged

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